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Drinking Culture

Is this really essential to having a good night?

The drinking culture. I don’t understand it. I will explain.

I was talking to my parents about this, and people in general who are of the generation above me. I didn’t actually realise that this behaviour amongst teenagers and young adults was a new phenomena. It literally began as the people my age became mature enough to drink (many even before that). And by the way, what I mean by drinking culture, to my understanding, is people, children really, who from the age of perhaps fifteen embark on a conquest 1-3 times a week to drink as much alcohol as physically possible. According to followers of this drink culture, or ‘cult’ if I want to shorten it 🙂 it’s somewhat cool if a person is so inebriated that they are rushed to the hospital to have their stomachs pumped, or at least drunk enough that they “don’t remember what happened the previous night”. The joy…

Okay, I sound a little nasty there, but it’s true, and the way I see it.

I’m really not sure how the drinking culture came about, I did try to look in to it a little but to no real avail. All I know is that is happening all around me, all the time. I always see it. I don’t understand why nightclubs can’t just be a place of congregating with friends and dancing with a drink or two in hand. Instead of this, it is almost like a necessity to people. It is absolutely crucial to some people’s enjoyment that they can’t walk in a straight line and don’t remember how they got home.

The 'Drinking Culture'

Personally, I’m someone in their twenties, and I don’t drink. This is for a number of reasons, but two main ones:
I don’t like the the taste – I genuinely don’t understand why people can down drinks that taste utterly nasty. I prefer the taste of orange juice or an apple & mango j20 to a double vodka and coke. It actually tastes really bad!!! If people were at a social and were offered between a cup of tea or a pint of grated ginger mixed with mollasses, what would you choose?! I’m just saying…….

I don’t like how it makes you feel. I have only ever been drunk once (when I was underage funnily enough) the feeling of lack of control, the slurred speech, the slow reactions and just saying things that don’t make sense. The potentiality of falling ill. Having a fight.  Doing things completely out of character. I don’t understand it, nor want to engage in it.

– This third reason is an unofficial but still there. I don’t want to follow the crowd. This reason I don’t usually tell people. But it is true. I don’t want to be a sheep to something that is actually expensive and zero fun. If previous generations didn’t engage in this drinking culture, yet some people decided to start now, does that mean we all have to do it? Am I missing out on my youth because I’m not potentially having my stomach pumped after a birthday night out? I don’t think so 🙂 It’s also just as if all of the health implications that come with drinking excessively don’t matter anymore. There’s things like stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, liver damage or even failure. And what about depression? Dependancy?? I’ve talked to loads of people my age who just don’t believe they can be confident on a night out without downing drinks. Why don’t you work on yourself and build that confidence rather than wasting your money on a quick fix that’ll make you feel awful after?!

It’s not that every young person is drinking themselves to this. But the more it becomes acceptable and ‘normal’ in society, the more it’ll happen, and the more these things will cause fatalities. It’s just scary, and unnecessary I think.




Couldn’t think of a better post to read at 06:45 in the morning…
I’m glad I came across it

Live & Learn

We’ve all either given or received the career advice: “Follow your dreams.”  “Do what you love.”  “Love what you do.”

Recently, there have been an increasing number of counterarguments making the case that if we were all going to “do what we love,” we’d starve doing it.

I came across a 2006 post by Paul Graham: “How To Do What You Love” that offers what may be the best thought-leadership on the subject that I have read.

Graham is an essayist, programmer, and investor. In 1995, he co-developed the first web-based application, Viaweb, which was acquired by Yahoo in 1998. He has an AB from Cornell and a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard, and studied painting at RISD and the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence.  Graham’s blog is one of the most followed in the blogosphere.

It is an essay (longish for those of us with…

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iPhone Siri for iPhone 4S.

iPhone Siri.

What Can't It Help You With?

I am addicted to this technology, for crying out loud. I just needed to put that out there.

It is one of the most poignant things that Apple have added to their latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S. It stands for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface, and allows you to perform tasks just by the use of your voice. Almost like a tiny robot living in your phone to which you can ask questions, and it replies to you 🙂

You can ask it almost anything, what the weather is like, what the time is in Paris. You can ask it to do things for you, such as note things in Notepad, to call or send messages to people, to search for things on the Internet, set reminders or alarms, and to play specific songs for you on your built-in iPod. It works with your iPhone’s earphones also, if you’re on the go and want music changed it will do this for you if you click the button on the earphones to activate Siri.

It does have funny responses for questions.

“Are you a boy or a girl?” (OK, not so crazy) to which it will respond “Is this relevant?”

“Do you know any jokes?”
“No, I always forget the punch line.”

“Are you single?”
“I don’t have marital status.”
“I don’t know, frankly, I’ve wondered that myself.”

It can keep the soft-hearted like me amused for a while is what I’m trying to say here.

I know people have their different views about it but I think it is insanely clever, and I like how Siri has three settings for English; UK, US and Australian. It shows Apple have thought about the accent differences and will make Siri that much more sensitive to recognising what the commands are. I do think that different dialects within countries such as the UK will become more recognised on Siri as time goes on, as I think that could be a complaint some people have. But me, having a completely standard English accent, has no problem.

I do recommend it 🙂


Losing Touch With Reality?

People are now all about convenience living – Phones have everything – maps if you’re lost, social network sites so you’re always connected, iPhone Siri so you don’t even have to lift a finger to use your phone – You purely speak to it and it can do everything for you (Next post perhaps?). Shopping is done online. People meet online. Convenience living!

Why do we even need to leave our houses anymore?

I was at an interesting event where I had the chance to talk to a great professor earlier today. She drew my attention to the fact that as I have grown up surrounded by this technology culture, or “Generation X” as someone called it, this is all I know. It makes us lazy. While I know that Facebook is an amazing tool to use for social, networking, and professional purposes, I do try and not become a slave to it because I don’t want to become reliant on this as a means of socialising and staying informed on things.

I think the fun is in talking to people face to face. Meeting and sharing moments.

The way technology is advancing, certainly in the last ten years, for me is causing fragmentation in society rather than cohesion. Okay, in a sense it is cohesive – I don’t know how else I could communicate with family on the other side of the world or have the chance to talk to, say, a member of the Jackson’s, for example. It does make people largely accessible at any time of the day, no matter where they are. But surely, the ability to sit in your room on What’sapp, with Skype on your laptop, Retweeting people on Twitter, I mean, you could feel like you’re the most socially active person in the world but in reality you are sitting ALONE in a room!

With more things coming out, in my view, it is encouraging people into isolation – isolated from physical contact and actually going out and shopping. Going to the post office rather than e-mailing. 

Back to the convenience though, it is great. But I think things in moderation are great too.



It is that time of year again – when the new Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 film comes out on DVD. For those of you that don’t know, the release date was the 12th of this month (Monday).

I have never been able to sit through any form of fake program such as horrors, werewolfs – the only thing I could just about sit through was Michael Jackson‘s Thriller video, if that even counts? Having fought tooth and nail to NOT fall victim to the clutches of Twilight, Harry Potter, or any of these daft longwinded mystical make-believe stories – It was Twilight that got me. I was exposed and I never looked back. As soon as I watched Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse over two days, THEN Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 the following day, I have been hooked. I just enjoy it now, and I can’t for the life of me understand why someone who hates all of this fakery can find it SO appealing.

I really want to try and understand why people find it SO damn appealing – what is it about Twilight that makes most of us humans prepare to humiliate ourselves screaming and just generally get far too excited? Is it the vampire and werewolves storyline which we find insanely gripping or is it in fact the human nature aspect of it?

A situation that I guess every teenage/young woman would love to find themselves in – caught in the middle of a fierce, mysterious love triangle, with two gorgeous men who would do anything for her. Bad boys who never smile. Aggressive, yet tame and sensitive. They would do more than merely catch a grenade for you. They would wrestle wolves on some crazy steroids for you. They would wipe out the ‘immortal’ blood sucking vampires for you. They would run really fast with naked torsos and loads of hair wax. For you. Perfect…

Love Triangle

… But I don’t actually care about any of that

I guess I will never know what it is about Twilight that made me pre order it at HMV and actually travel all the way home to watch it. I can’t lie, just writing about it has made me want to watch it. I guess it’s a guilty pleasure… And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it.